Accelerated Evolution Bkiotechnologies AEBi

A breakthrough platform that is developing Comprehensive SAFE & EFFECTIVE treatments for Cancer named MuTaTo and for COVID19

About MuTaTo and AEBi: ---------------------------- MuTaTo (Multiple Target Toxin) is a new cancer treatment with a personalized medicine concept. The main principal of it is using multiple targeting peptides connected together with a toxin. The main advantage of it is that it would lower the probability of the targeted cancer cells to develop drug-resistance due to mutations they possess, and at the same time would lower adverse effects due to avidity effect. Each cancer patient would receive a specific drug perfectly suited to his/her cancer, based on the expression profile of receptors on the outer membrane of their cancer cells. This therapy's construct production is easy and rapid. Therefore, the production cost would not be as expensive as with other biological drugs, or other sophisticated cancer treatments. Our PATENTED BREAKTHROUGH UNIQUE SoAP PLATFORM provides functional leads to very difficult targets (functional leads - agonist, antagonist, inhibitor, etc.), not merely those that best bind with the target. Moreover, it allows us to develop drugs to many illnesses, among them CANCER and COVID19, and is expected to transform the drug discovery R&D phase by significantly reducing the attrition rate of new drug candidates. This Breakthrough technology generates very specific lead compounds with greater functionality and improved pharmacological properties. Such lead Compounds will allow more effective drugs and fewer side effects. The need for such technology is acute and pressing for many reasons. The sole external requirement in the screening process is a Defined Target (usually an illness-related protein). - Our model is based on the industry standard practice of licensing molecules. There will be a library of molecules for various cancers EACH ONE OF THEM IS WORTH TENS OF MILLIONS OF USD , thus the profits will be in billions of USD. - Our Platform is PATENTED, - MuTaTo is Patent Pending and the jurist report was in favor of patenting it. Our concept is peer approved and we have proof of concept, and published in the prestigious Cancer Therapy Magazine FOR INVESTORS: ------------------ we are open to Equity, Debt and Grant investment, which can be done in tranches. We need currently 5 million USD to get into our first phase clinical trials in 12 months, but investors can invest as much as they can (not particularly the whole 5 million USD), which is a great option for investors. Our exit strategy: ------------------- we have multiple exit strategies and options ahead , and all of them are great ones and profitable: 1- we can sell MuTaTo (our IP) to Big Pharma after our first phase clinical trials for a large amount of money in billions of USD according to standard industry business practices in this industry (kindly find attached charts to this email letter). 2- Companies in our sector are worth Billions of Dollars when traded when they have just one molecule and we have got many molecules in our platform. Moreover, we can sell the Intellectual property for each one of them to a different pharmaceutical company for different cancer types and indications (for example we can sell a MuTaTo molecule for Head and neck cancers and another MuTaTo molecule for breast cancer ...etc). This means investors can get back the money they invested with a huge profit in a short amount of time, and if they wish to continue investing in our company for a longer period they can even get steady amount of profits over the coming years as we develop more and more MuTaTos for different cancer indications. And especially our platform can create treatments and targets for other illnesses such as COVID 19 ...etc. 3- investing in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is always a good choice because people will always become sick and they will always need treatment, so it will always be in demand. MuTaTo is DIFFERENT and BETTER than the rest of cancer therapies: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Our MuTaTo cancer therapy is EFFECTIVE on almost all types of CANCERS because we will develop a MuTaTo molecule for every type of cancers. 2- Our MuTaTo cancer therapy is SAFE on healthy cells and DOESN'T cause any suffering to patients. 3- unlike other cancer therapies that attack cancer from only one or 2 targets at most , MuTaTo is DIFFERENT because it attacks cancer from at least 3 targets so that cancer DOESN'T metastasize nor develop drug resistance. 4- Because MuTaTo attacks cancer from multiple targets cancer DOESN'T develop resistance to MuTaTo and cancer CANNOT metastasize. COVID 19 PROJECT --------------------- Our part in the project is to use our platform screening technology do discover novel peptides that would inhibit the interaction of the virus with its target on our cells, and that would decrease the infection load. This kind of project is the same as any other screening project that we have done, and we don't have to have any experience in lab virology. We do have to fully understand the physiology of the virus, and that we do, since there is a lot of knowledge accumulated and published so far.After we discover the peptide hits, we can order them ourselves, and attach them to the multi-arm scaffold, and then send them to a  lab with the appropriate safety rating. This lab would have to test them using the appropriate models in vitro and in vivo for the inhibition of infection. .We can start a project for the development of a drug for fighting    the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or SARS-CoV-2. As a target we would be using  a viral  Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 Protein ( the domain that is responsible for the infection), and as a cotarget  a Recombinant protein of the extracellular domain (Gln18-Asp615) of Homo sapiens angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2; the receptor through which the virus infects our cells). Both proteins are available for purchase.Once we have these proteins, we would be able to start screening our peptide library for hit peptides that would interfere in the interaction between these two proteins, and therefore would inhibit the infection of the virus. We advise that these peptides would be attache to a multi-arm PEG scaffold in  order to enhance  the  inhibition of the infection by avidity  effect, and by a bigger steric hindrance effect.The timescale for discovering the sequences of the first hits is around one month from the beginning of the screening. Synthesizing the peptides, and attaching them to the  multi-arm PEG scaffold could take another six weeks. At this stage in vitro and in vivo tests would be possible at specialized labs. ABOUT ACCELERATED EVOLUTION BIOTECHNOLOGIES AEBI LTD. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- AEBi was established in the year 2000, and has been managed since then based on the idea that the ability to manipulate and design peptides has vastly superior advantages to many, if not any, existing and trajectory technologies of drug development. This idea is valid today as well.The basic idea is that we do not require a natural lead or a sequence (usually coming from the academia or other research) which are either not strong enough or not specific enough and difficult to manipulate in order to create a drug. An artificial high complexity pool, representing a broad spectrum of  possibilities, manipulated by our technology, will provide the best possible solution. Such a  solution  will not be hindered or blocked by natural interactions and will be very specific to the problem.AEBi, a development-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in discovery and development of therapeutic peptides, has developed a combinatorial biology screening platform technology (IP protected). The major advantage is that it can be used not only to find binders to known targets, but to select the best functional molecules among them.AEBi's platform is very flexible, exploiting combinatorial biology to discover new and better lead compounds to disease targets.

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