We are a registered community based organization in Kenya under the Ministry of East Africa Labour and Social Protection, State Department of social development registration No: CC/TRK C/CBO/HC 5620. AKilokony (charity ID 5666143391408-8015) community based organisation has been vetted and validated by TechSoup .Techsoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables design and implementation of technology solutions for a more equitable planet. TechSoup, 435 Brannan Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94107. We work to build the capacity of pastoralist and fishing communities living a cross Turkana county in preventing and mitigating the impact of hazards of target communities at risk. Anchored by a Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction(CMDRR) approach, and guided by our belief that the communities we work with should be the Centre of their own development trajectory. We implement practical programmes that enable pastoral development, empowerment and well-being.

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