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Our mission is to make government smarter to solve the world's hardest challenges The Apolitical team are optimists about the power of government as a force for good. We don't think government is perfect. But we do think it works better than the media often suggests. And we're fans of the committed men and women who work in government — the world’s largest workforce — most of whom chose their careers because of a deep wish to serve society. We are proud to be helping them. Apolitical was founded by mission-driven entrepreneurs and backed by impact investors in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Australasia and supported by an EU Horizon 2020 grant. It is a for-profit company and a Certified B Corporation. We believe that business can be a force for good, and are proud to be held to a high standard of accountability and transparency. You can learn more about our governance and business model here. Good political leadership is essential if governments are to be more effective today and better prepared for the future. The millions of civil servants around the world responsible for finding and implementing new policies cannot do their jobs without the support of principled and skilled elected officials. Yet around the world, we are facing a political leadership crisis. Fewer young people see politics as a way to make the world better. And politics is attracting highly partisan leaders who are less willing to listen to opposing views and collaborate across the aisle. The Apolitical Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by Apolitical to help solve this problem, endowed with Apolitical stock options.

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