Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha are building a collaborative media experience around a single daily fill-in-the-blank question designed to inspire reflection, curiosity, and discovery.

Connection and belonging are essential to our wellbeing. While we are more “connected” than ever, loneliness and anxiety are on the rise, and empathy and social wellbeing are on the decline. Today's polarized environment has strained our social fabric like never before. Social media has been an accelerant, fueling both divisiveness and loneliness. And now we have the challenge of a pandemic that necessitates social distancing, just when it’s clear we need each other more than ever. Daily Haloha is a simple and refreshing response. Our app unites the world in synchronous reflection and sharing with a single daily thought-provoking question. The app’s 3-part flow connects us more deeply to ourselves and others: Reflection: Reflect on the day's question and “fill in the blanks with you”. Give it a mood color and send off your Haloha. Connection: Your Haloha will be delivered anonymously to one other user. Surprise! You instantly get one back from someone else. Select a Response sticker so the sender feels seen. Community: Then see the responses from the rest of the world on the Haloha Wall. Daily Haloha incorporates mindful reflection, like the growing field of meditation/journaling apps, and interactivity, like social networks – but is a completely unique experience. It is unique because it’s not modelled after other apps at all – but instead inspired by collaborative public experiences that unite anonymous strangers in an uplifting moment of shared humanity. We have made this magic available to anyone, anywhere, every day.

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