Enel Innovation Hub

Seizing on innovation where it is taking shape

Seizing on innovation where it is taking shape: this is the aim of the global network of Enel Innovation Hubs, created to intercept startups whose technology has significant potential and to transform ideas into business solutions. We are present in the world’s leading innovation ecosystems and we work together with venture capital funds, accelerators, incubators, universities, big industrial players and government institutions in a constant search for startups and SMEs to collaborate with Enel to make traditional businesses more efficient and/or to generate industrial growth through new business models. The network of Enel Innovation Hubs communicates to the innovation ecosystems the main problems that the Group is trying to resolve and provides indications of Enel’s own innovation requirements. The ideas and projects are selected directly by the Group’s Global Business Lines, therefore the startups are able to collaborate directly with a partner that can offer solid support in the development of technological solutions and new business models. Enel works as an industrial partner, enabling startups, SME’s and the innovation communities to benefit from the Group’s expertise through access to laboratories, internal and external experts, plants and, above all, customers and data. Enel finances the tests and the co-developed projects and also makes available to the startups the Group’s own network of contacts with leading investors and sources of finance from around the world. Once the test phase has been completed, the solutions and the new business models are scaled up to an international level, making full use of Enel’s plants, networks and customer base around the world.

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