Fabinka is the first fablab in Kaluga, Russia. Our mission is to develop our city through the diffusion of innovations. We were founded at 2014 and provided more than 30 digital manufacturing events.

Fabinka is managed by experienced and passionate team and has a bunch of an equipment, which is available to all creative makers of all ages. We are making workshops with teenagers, students and enthusiasts, where we are explainig basics of 3D modelling, 3D printing, robotics, mechanical design, digital manufacturing and modern fabrication technologies. We have manufacturing facilities at our workshop in Kaluga, Russia, where we can print 3D units for various purposes, design stuff and make cool things. Since 2014: 1. We joined in the TEAM! 2. We invested nearly 3 000 USD to the equipment of the center: 3D printers, robotics kits, books. We brought them from Palo Alto, Silicon Valley and China, Shanghai. 3. We rented and refurbished space of the former machine-building plant in Kaluga. Overall attracted investments nearly 5 000 USD. 4. We designed the center’s development strategy and provided it to the Kaluga’s government for expertise. Project profile has equipment list, investment estimation, step-by-step development plan. 5. We designed brand and provided social media marketing campaign. 6. We explored and adapted the best practices of Fab Labs and hackspaces and of Russia, USA and China. Project leader worked several days in Hacker Dojo and FabLabs in Palo Alto. 7. We did more than 30 popular and fun workshops – see our youtube channel.

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