<p>Founded in 2012, FabLab SUPSI LCV is a fabrication laboratory with a focus on interaction design, physical computing, open design. The laboratory is an open workshop supporting the educational activities organized within the program Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI (<a href="http://www.maind.supsi.ch">www.maind.supsi.ch</a>) and the applied research projects of Laboratory of visual culture (<a href="http://www.reprogrammed-art.cc">www.reprogrammed-art.cc</a>). The lab offers hands-on courses and events to a wider audience to spread the principles and the practices related to&nbsp;maker education and open source hardware developement.</p> <p>The laboratory promotes activity for indipendents spaces in Ticino such as workshops on DIY music and electronics. It creates electronics kit and educational resources for teaching kids, adults&nbsp;and teachers.</p>

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