Fablab Penela

Fablab Penela . Empowering rural communities . Be a stimulus for students . Be a meeting place for makers in several areas , multimedia , design , electronic, mechanical , etc. .

Our Fablab Penela is devoted to : - Stimulating rural entrepreneurship base, trying to approximate the potential of new technologies from fablabs to the rural and agricultural world. - Being a " learn by doing " partener with the various levels of education , organizing for this workshop's to several platform´s. - Provide to all universities in the central region of portugal,( including Coimbra ) all the advantages of a Fablab . - We are open ! Anyone can use it, only pay for materials . There are specialized monitoring personal, helping the user to integrate well in the Fablab . Machines . CNC Router 1000x2000mm Laser cutter Lasersaur vinyl cutter Mini cnc scanner and Roland MDX - 20 Models laser Scanner 3d Printer ( 3 models ) Tablet Pen Display Laboratory of Electronics Soldering Oven Soldering Station with Hot Air Ultrasonic Cleaner Robot kits Arduino kits Raspberry kits oscilloscope Multimeter Power Supplies Laboratory several computers CAD CAM software

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