Learning with Parents

Narrowing the disadvantage gap by supporting home learning for all families. We do this by providing an online platform for schools, and by leading a group of organisations to improve parental engagement across the sector.

Our vision: Every child is supported at home to fulfil their academic potential Our mission: To motivate and empower families to have enjoyable learning experiences together Learning with Parents support disadvantaged parents through our policy work and our programmes. Our policy strand involves running the Parental Engagement Forum, a network of over 30 organisations supporting parental engagement in disadvantaged communities. Our Maths and English with Parents programmes motivate and empower parents to engage in their children’s learning. Through the website parents are provided with high quality videos, games and activities, chosen by their child’s teacher. This replaces traditional homework with home learning activities to play together. We work with schools to increase the reach with disadvantaged families. Together we use data and behavioural insights to drive and monitor effective parental engagement for all their children.

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