Prime Coalition

Partnering with philanthropists to place charitable capital into market-based solutions to climate change.

Prime Coalition is a 501c3 public charity that partners with philanthropists to invest charitable capital in extraordinary companies that combat climate change, have a high likelihood of achieving commercial success, and would otherwise have a difficult time raising sufficient financial support. We believe that philanthropists hold a critical key to unlocking commercial products and services that can help avoid catastrophic climate change at scale. Since Prime ’s founding in 2014, we’ve facilitated charitable investments with over fifty philanthropic partners, most of whom had never used a recoverable grant or program-related investment before and some of whom had never designed an intervention for mitigation climate change. Our goal is to encourage as many philanthropists as possible to join our tribe – 1% of annual grantmaking from U.S. private foundations alone would eclipse traditional venture capital for climate-relevant companies globally. Prime ’s long-term success will be measured by our portfolio companies’ impact on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. In the short-term, our success is defined by the number of first-time philanthropic investors and first-time climate investors we mobilize.

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