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Social Academia: Education Technology Access for All

Social Academia is a mobile application that aims at providing students in Africa with access to online education support. This groundbreaking technology (in Africa) makes it possible for them to solidify school knowledge through short, instructor-led, live courses, and e-text/books. Both students who are preparing for official exams and those who are still locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic can now continue their studies with minimal interruptions. This platform is interactive, very user-friendly, and extremely affordable. It literally is a great tool to promote education and technology in economically-challenged parts of the world. Many countries, especially Cameroon, are still transitioning into the new technology world where online learning is possible. Our recent studies revealed that the majority of African students cannot perform basic searches online, and most schools do not offer any online resources to their students. During the Corona lockdown episode, students were abandoned to themselves with no alternatives offered to them. They were somehow forced to form groups to study together in hidden places--with the help of a brave teacher who would risk his/her health to ensure that they were preparing for their final exams still. The real issue was that no technology existed in Cameroon to support those needs. Other local challengers have websites that do not offer any online support. This platform provides students with appropriate resources (mini live courses and videos, free ebooks, a social network, and free access to tutoring) to help them succeed in their academic journey. Our main purpose was to make it completely free, but we resolved to charge a very little fee to support our staff and instructors.

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