St. Clara's Healthcare

Senior Care Company

Vision St. Clara’s Healthcare Inc. is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company focusing on bringing full serviced assisted living care across British Columbia. Our Goal: to dominate the assisted living industry and become a major force in deciding the future of the industry. Our Mission: to deliver high-quality, effective, and sustainable health and social services to our network of assisted living branches. Commitment to Excellence We will provide the best value possible. It’s our goal to be the highest standard of quality in the industry, providing the best training to our staff. Our team of industry experts personally travel to each company we acquire to train new staff in aims of increasing their level of knowledge of the industry. With our partnerships we will be able to bring a higher quality service to your clients. The businesses we acquire are then fully integrated into our philosophy of building better-assisted living industry standards. By eliminating unnecessary costs, by cost analysis, we will be able to adjust to provide better services. We will be able to bring higher quality management, food and services to existing clients at a better cost. By merging together individual mom-and-pop businesses, we are able to receive services and products for our companies at lower costs allowing us to provide higher quality support and staff to our clients. Being a responsible company At St. Clara’s Healthcare, we believe in the importance of building a great company that strike balance between profitability and social consciousness. Being responsible starts with understanding that our actions are tied to the futures of our members and families whom we interact with. We nurture our partnerships with the brands we acquire, to support the belief in building a network of assisted living branches that are good for people and the planet. We strive to build a brand that is welcoming and inclusive. Our purpose from the beginning goes beyond profit. We believe in the pursuit of trust, service, support, care, and respect.

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