Walk This Way Social Services

One Step at a Time

Vision WTWSS’s vision is to be an institution in South Africa where all people have access to Lifelong Holistic education and training that will contribute towards their well-being and thus improving the quality of life and the building of peace-loving, responsible, prosperous leaders. A society where moral values is a way of life. Mission Walk This Way will raise charitable donations and funding to invest in the forgotten leaders, future leaders, and young upcoming entrepreneurs in achieving economic freedom, social acceptance and in becoming agents of change to their communities. We endeavor to form meaningful, lasting relationships with various sectors of our country to have recovered clients maintain their status quo through collaboration and mentorship programs. WTWSS places optimal development of children, youth, and adults at the center of all we do and calls for healing the profound groups that exists in our community. We believe in supporting and building upon the mindset methods and modes of change that holds promise to advance everyone’s best interest in our societies. We have a deep desire to see and live in a drug free county. The organization will commit itself to supply facilities where our clients can rebuild their Spiritual, Emotional and Physical needs with the assistance of a dynamic professional team and our individualized recovery programs. The training/program will enable our clients to make life-changing decisions that will positively impact themselves and their communities. The program aims to empower every client with life skills for them to build on their potential and realize their dreams.

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